Get Relief from Chronic Pain After A Fall

Find relief from chronic pain after a fall with Dr Pasquale X Montesano and Montesano Spine and Sport.

Falls happen. Chronic pain does not have to happen.

Spine injuries like herniated discs, fractures, sprains, and trauma can be accompanied by tingling or numbness, difficulty breathing, headaches, weakness or loss of feeling, and other symptoms. If you’ve experienced a fall and the pain is getting worse or hasn’t improved within a few days, we invite you to contact Montesano Spine and Sport to schedule a consultation.

Our team, led by Dr. Pasquale X. Montesano – an experienced spine surgeon and a pioneer of disc replacement surgery – is dedicated to finding the best surgical or non-surgical treatment option to fit your specific needs.

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Hurt in a Fall? Get Relief from Chronic Pain.

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