Managing Chronic Pain in Hot Summer Months

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It’s no secret that warmer weather can leave many of us feeling achy and in pain. For those living with chronic neck and back pain, the summer months can bring about not only soreness but also an exacerbation of their existing symptoms. This is due to changes in barometric pressure caused by the rising heat combined with humidity. While it may be tempting to stay inside where the air conditioning will provide some relief, there are ways you can minimize your discomfort by taking proactive steps to prevent further back pain during the summer season.

Firstly, it’s important to take extra care when lifting heavy items or engaging in strenuous activities – lift with your legs and use proper posture so you don’t strain your back muscles even more. Additionally, if you have an outdoor job or hobby that requires long periods of standing or moving around, take regular breaks and ensure your footwear is supportive to avoid any additional strain on your feet, legs, or back.

Stretching regularly can also be beneficial in keeping the muscles limber and prevent tightness. Yoga poses such as cat-cow stretches will help increase mobility and flexibility in the spine. Finally, for anyone who has found relief from pain with heat therapy in the past – using a hot water bottle before bedtime may be helpful in easing soreness during the night.

Overall it’s important to remember that when it comes to coping with neck and back pain, prevention is key! Taking extra steps to protect yourself from any unnecessary pains during the summer months is essential to ensure you can enjoy the season without feeling held back by your discomfort. Take care and enjoy your summer with minimal pain!