Poor Posture can be Unpleasant for those Predisposed to Back Pain

Poor posture can be troublesome for those predisposed to chronic back pain. As more people are stuck sitting for longer periods of time at their desk, it’s important to remember the pressures that poor posture can place on your spine and neck. Slouching in a chair all day can quickly turn into unneeded stress in your back or neck. When you slouch, your ligaments and muscles strain to stay balanced. Eventually muscle fatigue can set in, resulting in the typical back pain that so many of us experience. Breaking apart periods of sitting with periodic stretching or just standing for a couple minutes should help until it becomes second nature to sit upright at work. If your work chair lacks proper lumbar support, consider a cushion that can be inserted between the chair and your lower back. If your back or neck pain is starting to affect your productivity at work call the offices of Montesano Spine and Sport today at:

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