Back pain at work

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Back pain can be tough at work because it makes you lose concentration. It can be worse if you have a physical job where you’re moving a lot. Here are some ways to prevent back pain at work:

  • Have good posture: Whether your job requires you to stand or sit, you need to have good posture. Slouching is the worst thing you could do when sitting. 
  • Try not to sit for too long: Sitting for long periods of time causes your back to tense up and can cause pain. Try to get up and walk for 5 minutes or so. You could even go for a small walk on your lunch break. 
  • Lift properly: Lifting heavy objects can hurt your back so it’s important you do it the right way. If you have to lift a heavy object, get close to the object and bend your knees. When lifting the object up, hold the object close to your body and keep your back straight.