Slip and Fall

Spine injuries can be a very serious issue that affects your quality of life, and may even lead to permanent disability. Injuries from slips and falls are all too common in cold weather conditions. If you or someone close to you has suffered a back injury after slipping on ice, we urge you to seek treatment immediately as the sooner it is addressed the better chance for recovery there will be. At Montesano Spine & Sport our team of doctors specializes in treating spinal injuries due to slips and falls. Our goal is always to get our patients back on their feet quickly so they can resume their normal lives again without pain or limitation caused by this type of injury. Contact us today:
For Beverly Hills and West Coast of America patients, please call310-858-5561 OR 1-866-79-DR-SPINE.
For Sarasota Florida OR East Coast of America patients, please call 1-941-402-4003.